Local initiatives in Australia

uvex safety ANZ have partnered with best-in-class organizations that have set high standards for ethical and environmental responsibility.

Danger Sun Overhead

uvex safety ANZ proudly sponsors Danger Sun Overhead with uvex safety products.

Danger Sun Overhead runs training sessions across Queensland on sun safety in the workplace including ocular melanoma. 

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Australian Institute of Building

2021 - uvex safety ANZ partnering with industry professionals Australia Institute of Building (AIB) to support the future of building and construction industry.

The AIB is a professional member based organisation established to represent construction industry individuals from around Australia. The Young Builders Alliance (YBA) is an initiative developed by the Australian Institute of Building (AIB) to provide a platform for students and graduates of the construction industry to jump start their careers through a wide range of seminars, site visits and other exciting opportunities to network with industry professionals. The YBA supports the career development of young building professionals in Australia and internationally and the primary focus is to promote building as a genuine profession and to ensure that the building and construction industry has access to qualified and experienced graduates who go on to become respected leaders of their field.


Seabin Project

Partnering with the Seabin Project team in their quest to hit 100 cities across the world protecting clean oceans and waterways from single use to micro plastic. 

Seabin Project develops clean tech and data solutions, upstream for waterways adjacent to high population areas, such as marinas, ports and public waterways.


“The Royal Australian Navy Alpine Snowsport team is protected by uvex”

Protecting people who protect us – uvex safety Australia supports the Royal Australian Navy Alpine Snowsports team (NAS). As a partner for international top-level sport, uvex equips more than 1,000 professional athletes worldwide with ski goggles and helmets, equestrian riding helmets, cycling helmets and sports eyewear.

uvex safety ANZ is proud to provide the NAS team with high performance race equipment and share the mutual brand values of leadership, quality and enthusiasm with the NAS team.



Acting in a sustainable way is essential in the uvex world; embodied by the missions "protecting people" as is the company's responsibility to people, society and the environment

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Environmentally friendly

Protecting people also means taking responsibility for the environment by voluntarily exceeding statutory requirements for environmental protection. 

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Our social responsibility

It is our corporate policy that uvex works only with companies that respect basic human rights and the freedom of their employees to carry out their work. 

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