PPE for the agriculture industry

The agriculture industry in New Zealand is a vital component of the nation's economy, encompassing a diverse range of activities such as livestock farming, crop cultivation, and horticulture. With vast expanses of land suitable for farming, New Zealand produces a significant portion of the world's agricultural commodities. However, this industry poses various occupational hazards, including exposure to chemicals, machinery-related injuries, and risks associated with working outdoors in harsh environmental conditions. Therefore, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of agricultural workers. PPE is a necessity within most industry segments and the agriculture sector in New Zealand is no different. Implementing proper PPE usage protocols is essential to mitigate risks and safeguard the health of those employed in this vital sector.

At uvex, we are dedicated to safeguarding individuals across the agriculture industry, by providing innovative Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), value-added services, and unparalleled support. With a commitment to protecting people, we strive to deliver high-performance solutions tailored to the unique demands of agricultural environments.

Comprehensive PPE Solutions: uvex offers a wide range of PPE categories specifically for the agricultural sector. Our product line includes innovative PPE from head to toe including eye, hearing, head, respiratory &, hand protection, and footwear. These products are engineered to withstand the rigors of agricultural work while ensuring maximum safety and comfort for workers.

Tailored Safety Programs: Through collaborative partnerships within the agricultural industry, we develop customised safety programs designed to address the specific needs and hazards encountered by workers in the field. By understanding the nuances of each application, we tailor PPE solutions that offer optimal protection without compromising productivity.

World-Class Support: uvex is committed to providing world-class support to our customers. From product selection to implementation and beyond, our experienced team is here to assist at every step of the process. We offer comprehensive training programs, on-site assessments, and ongoing support to ensure the effective use of our PPE solutions and promote a culture of safety within agricultural operations.

Our mission is simple yet profound: protecting people. By collaborating with industry partners, offering high-performance PPE, and providing unparalleled support, we aim to achieve this goal and contribute to the well-being of agricultural workers New Zealand wide.

Product highlights

uvex phynomic XG planet

These safety gloves are like a "second skin" and are especially light and flexible – without making your hands sweaty. With its innovative Xtra Grip aqua-polymer foam coating, the uvex phynomic XG sets new standards in grip when working with oily items.

uvex i-guard planet safety goggles

Face seal adapts to the wearer and protects against splashes of liquids and large dust particles. Permanent anti-fog (inside) and extreme scratch-resistant (outside) lens coating. Sustainably manufactured.

uvex pheos cx2 safety glasses

Reliable protection against dust, with optimum eye protection in all situations. The innovative uvex X-tended Eyeshield adapts perfectly to the wearer's face – for excellent wearer comfort and 100 % protection.