PPE for food industry

uvex safety New Zealand is a global leader in innovation with extensive worldwide expertise in providing multiple product-based and industry-specific solutions, as well as services tailored to individual customer needs for the food & beverage processing industry. We understand the diverse technical demands and the global market factors that drive the food & beverage industry and manufacture products that help you stay compliant at the same time provide maximum protection to your workers.

uvex PPE products for food industry

Product highlights

uvex pheos cx2 safety glasses

Innovative safety spectacles for all food and beverage industry applications

The pheos cx2 with the uvex supravision THS coating have advanced anti-fog performance. Ideal for workers who have to move into and out of refrigerated areas. 

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uvex detectable earplugs

Reliable protection against extreme levels of noise

uvex detectable earplugs are be the ideal solution of hearing protection in food manufacturing. In case an earplug accidently gets into food production, metal detectable earplugs help to avoid contamination of products.