How to use earplugs correctly?

For ear plugs to be effective hearing protection, the plugs have to be inserted and used correctly.

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How to fit disposable earplugs

Roll down uvex ­disposable hearing ­protection plugs.

How to fit disposable earplugs

Put your arm over your head and move the ear slightly upwards to straighten your auditory canal. This achieves a­ ­better fit.

How to fit disposable ear plugs

Insert plugs and hold in place while they expand. If they are not visible from the front, then they are in the right position.

Watch our helpful video - How to insert ear plugs?

The videos below show how you should insert disposable and reusable ear plugs – and how to dispose or how to clean and store them.

Disposable ear plugs

Reusable ear plugs

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