Mining PPE

In the challenging and risky environment of mining, employing personal protective equipment (PPE) goes beyond mere caution—it's essential. Given the inherent dangers present in both underground and surface mining operations, PPE serves as a vital shield protecting miners from the numerous hazards they encounter. uvex safety is a global leader in innovation with extensive worldwide expertise in providing multiple product-based and industry-specific solutions, as well as services tailored to individual customer needs for open-cut and underground mining.

uvex ppe products fir mining industry

Product Highlights

uvex pheos cx2 safety glasses

Innovative safety glasses for all mining industry applications

The uvex pheos cx2 safety glasses provide reliable protection against mining site dust, and features an ergonomic eye shield for exceptional comfort – even during long-term wear.

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uvex phynomic xg safety gloves

Flexible safety gloves to enable your miners to get to grips with the task at hand

The uvex phynomic XG glove fits like a second skin, and features an innovative coating for extra grip when handling oily work-pieces.

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uvex K4 hearing protection

Reliable hearing protection against extreme levels of noise

Thanks to its extra-soft ear cushions, the uvex K4 earmuff is exceptionally comfortable – while the eye-catching hi-vis design improves wearer visibility.

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