uvex product trial program

Not sure if our product is suitable for your workers?

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We offer product trials for all uvex safety products including safety glasses & goggles, hand protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection and bump caps.

Your Benefits:

Improved safety
  •  The optimal PPE for the application
  •  Increased safety awareness
  •  Increased wearer acceptance 
Increased economic efficiency
  •  High-quality PPE solutions with long lifetimes
  •  Reduced accident rates and reduced downtime
  •  Increased transparency in all PPE respects
  •  Increased employee motivation

Conditions for free trial

  • Your company has atleast 25 employees that need PPE
  • Your company has a dedicated contact for uvex specialist to work with to collect feedback during the trial
  • You commit to provide feedback (positive or negative) to uvex safety specialist during or after the trial.

If your answer is yes to these conditions you you qualify for free product trial.

5 steps to an effective PPE trial

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