Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the health industry

uvex safety New Zealand is a global leader in innovation with extensive worldwide expertise in providing multiple product-based and industry-specific solutions, as well as services tailored to individual customer needs for the health industry. uvex offers solutions for a variety of health care services and facilities (e.g. hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, emergency services, dentistry).

The team at uvex safety NewZealand understands when it comes to health care, there is no compromise in quality. We also understand the critical need to offer flexible and unique solutions, while staying abreast of changing needs and standards. As a global PPE manufacturer and supplier with regional operations, we are uniquely qualified to deliver such capabilities.

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Perfect vision for maximum safety

Whether you need safety glasses, goggles or prescription spectacles: In Fürth, Bavaria, uvex develops and produces innovative safety eyewear that meets the highest quality standards. The quality of the lens coating: an absolutely crucial element of safety eyewear

Innovative safety gloves

Development expertise, state-of-the-art robot controlled manufacturing technology and stringent quality control ensure the first-class quality of our safety gloves. By manufacturing in Germany, uvex pursues efficient, resource-preserving production processes and ensures that the path from manufacturer to end user is as short as possible.

uvex coating expertise

Looking through lenses that are fogged up, scratched or dirty significantly increases the risk of accidents during the work day. uvex has been synonymous with pioneering coating technologies for decades: In our centre of expertise in Fürth, we develop and produce innovative lenses and coatings for a multitude of applications.

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uvex coatings

uvex CBR 75 tint

uvex CBR 75 tint

Changing light conditions including bright light, reflective surfaces and variable outdoor light conditions in our daily working life can all put additional stress on the human eyes. The uvex CBR75 light transmissions improves contrast enhancement, reduces blue light and supports relaxed vision.

C = Contrast enhancement For clear and accurate vision - even in changing conditions.

B - Blue light reduction The uvex CBR75 tinted lens reduces blue light by up 40% at 450 nm.

R - Relaxed vision Reduces eye fatigue, even during extended periods of use.

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uvex CR – professional safety eyewear that compliments hygiene standards

uvex has developed the first autoclavable safety eyewear with anti-fog coating for specialist requirements in laboratories, clinics, cleanrooms and food manufacturing. From ultra-light safety spectacles and goggles with a panoramic lens, the uvex CR is the ideal safety eyewear for all areas of application and specifically have been designed for repeated autoclave sterilisation (at least 10 to 20 times for 20 minutes each at a minimum of 121 °C).

uvex overpecs for the health sector

uvex safety glasses for the health sector

uvex safety goggles for the health sector

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Autoclavable Eyewear Range

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