Smart bluetooth earmuffs for greater occupational safety

uvex aXess one are active electronic earmuffs with the RAL (Real Active Listening) function. This gives the user the feeling that they're not wearing hearing protection at all and are still actively participating in the environment around them. This allows users to communicate more easily and improves their ability to detect warning signals.

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uvex aXess one — hear what's important

hearing protection with music


  • meets AS/NZS 1270 standard

  • Active Bluetooth® earmuffs with padded, foldable headband

  • SLC80: 27 dB, Class 5

  • Continuous length adjustment for perfect positioning

  • Padded headband for a comfortable fit, suited for long periods of use

  • LED display

uvex certified hearing protecting with bluetooth


  • Automatic pairing mode

  • Dual connection mode, increases accessibility by connecting two Bluetooth-enabled devices at the same time

  • Audio assistant makes working while wearing hearing protection easier and prevents the need to remove the hearing protection, so you are protected at all times

  • Audio streaming and telephone calls with direct operation on the earmuff

  • Hands-free calling — no interruptions during work

uvex hearing protecting with active listening


  • Real Active Listening makes you feel as if you aren’t wearing hearing protectors at all

  • Detect warning signals and ambient noise

  • Communicate at close range

  • No isolation in the working environment

  • Ideal for workplaces affected by impulse sounds

  • Detect machine problems early

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uvex hearing protection with bluetooth

Unique function keys — easy to feel and can be operated even when wearing gloves.

hearing protection with integrated surround-sound microphones

The integrated surround-sound microphones record ambient noise and feed it directly into the inner part of the earmuffs thanks to the RAL function. A sound level limiter protects your hearing from loud signals.

Active Bluetooth® earmuffs with padded, foldable headband

Active Bluetooth® earmuffs with padded, foldable headband

hearing protection for dusty and damp workplaces

Quick and easy charging using USB Type-C connector. Suitable for dusty and damp workplaces thanks to sealing plugs.

Bluetooth hearing protection for workspaces

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