Facts and figures

Even though people come first and foremost, we sometimes have to let the figures speak for themselves. This is particularly the case when these figures prove how hard we work at meeting the demands and challenges we have set ourselves and at sustainably growing our business globally on a value basis.

What is uvex – and who belongs to the uvex group?

uvex is a global partner for elite international sports and outfitter of numerous top athletes. Our motto "protecting people" is both our mission and duty. We develop, produce and sell products and services that keep people safe and protected, whether at work or play. The uvex group brings three international companies together under one roof: the uvex safety group, the uvex sports group (consisting of uvex sports and Alpina) as well as Filtral. The uvex group has 48 subsidiaries in 22 countries with production concentrated in Germany: Two thirds of our 2,300 employees (business year 2014/15) work in Germany.

Business figures of the uvex group from 2008 to 2015