PPE for Fire and Rescue Services

Personnel in fire and rescue services face challenging conditions and hazards that could potentially be harmful. From bushfires to floods the ANZ region is known for extremes, and uvex has always maintained a strong relationship with our emergency service workers for many years. To help with the optimal selection of PPE, our team of solution experts is ready to collaborate with you to identify the most suitable protective gear for each specific activity.

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uvex PPE products for fire and rescue services

Product highlights

uvex ultrasonic safety goggles

The combination of hard and soft material components with the uvex ultrasonic combines medium mechanical rigidity with maximum wearer comfort – These goggles never press or pinch even when worn continuously. Flexible soft component adapts to the wearer's face and ensures full side protection for the eye area, including for those who wear glasses. 

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PointGuard® Ultra 4045 safety gloves

The PointGuard® Ultra 4045 is the optimum choice for high-risk search and seizure applications. The gloves come with Back-of-hand knuckle padding for incidental bumps & impacts and silicone palm pattern for enhanced durability and grip. 

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