uvex bionomx

uvex bionomx

With 33 joints the human foot is a dynamic structure that is constantly changing shape and function throughout the walking cycle to provide a stable and efficient platform.

uvex bionomx puts biomechanics at the heart of the design process to create footwear that harmonises the foot-upper-sole-ground interaction to optimise comfort and minimise fatigue.

The uvex bionomx system has sole geometries that ensure a flowing transition from initial contact to toe off, and upper designs that expand and contract as the shape of the foot changes throughout the walking cycle.

uvex bionomx harmonises the interaction of the footwear with the ground and the body so that it performs as one complete system.

uvex i-PUREnrj

uvex’s innovative new polyurethane sole technology—uvex i-PUREnrj—returns the impact energy over the entire sole unit back to the wearer and redefines energy absorption and return. This makes every day full of energy, with noticeably greater comfort and significantly lower fatigue in the feet:

  • 125% higher energy absorption than specified by the standard EN ISO 20345
  • 60% more energy return than standard polyurethane foam
  • 29% higher cushioning after 1000 km use compared to standard polyurethane soles
  • 21% less perceived fatigue compared to standard polyurethane soles 

uvex climazone foot climate management

Footwear design can be a major contributor to heat stress at work. uvex climazone is an innovative climate control system that has been developed to optimise breathability and internal airflow within the footwear to help keep workers cool.

uvex scientific research and development processes ensures the climate-optimising uvex climazone range of safety footwear helps draw moisture away from the feet to create a pleasant and comfortable environment within the footwear.

uvex has been researching climate conditions for a long time. In collaboration with renowned institutes such as the Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens e. V. (Test and Research Institute for Footwear Production), Kaiserslauten University of Applied Sciences and the Hohenstein Institutes, testing methods and devices are being developed that enable a comprehensive and solid measurement of climate characteristics for the first time. Hot or cold feet, as well as discomfort from heavy sweating, can be real problems – that's why perfect climate control is especially important for safety footwear.


uvex tuneup 2.0 comfort support insoles

uvex bionom x design based on the anatomical rotational equilibrium of the foot for added comfort and support. The three insole variations for low, neutral and high arch feet provide support where each foot type needs it. The increased support and redistribution of pressure customises the fit to help improve comfort during a full day at work. uvex multiple fit system allows customisation of width and forefoot cushioning.

Using advanced scientific algorithms, the uvex size advisor app uses three calibrated images of the foot to recommend a uvex tuneup 2.0 insole specific to your foot type. The uvex size advisor app also recommends the correct footwear size and width. uvex size advisor app can be used instore, onsite or at home using either a calibration plate, A4 or A3 piece of paper.

uvex x-flow recycled footbed

Recycled production waste is granulated and moulded to form 87% of the foam used in the uvex x-flow footbed. PET plastic, commonly used in plastic bottles, is recycled to create the footbed top cover fabric.

uvex multiple fit system

uvex multiple fit system offers multiple widths in the same length in key sizes. Fitting widths are based on the measurement of the widest part of the foot. Measurement is taken of the circumference of the foot at the base joint of the big toe and the joint at the base of the little toe. This will determine the required shoe width in combination with foot length.

The uvex size advisor app can also be used to recommend the correct footwear size and width. uvex size advisor app can be used instore, onsite or at home using either a calibration plate, A4 or A3 piece of paper.

If you have any questions, contact uvex customer service at products@uvex.com.au – to see the classification of sizes and the corresponding measurements please click below.

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