uvex personal protective equipment

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Safety glasses

Exceptional design, maximum comfort, outstanding protection – our superb safety glasses regularly win prizes in international design and product competitions.

How safe are your safety glasses in reality? Find out with this video!

How does UV protection work? What do I need anti-reflex coatings for? Which lens tinting and coating is the right one for you? Find out more about our safety eyewear technologies.

Hearing protection

All variations of reliable hearing protection Disposable earplugs, detectable, reusable ear plugs or earmuffs? The choice is yours.

What exactly is noise and how can I protect myself against it? Find out in our expert blog.

Work boots

uvex safety footwear range has been specifically designed and developed for the needs of New Zealand workers. 

Safety gloves

Whether protection against mechanical risks, safety when working with chemicals or cut protection – our wide selection of protective gloves includes the right solution for every application.

We are especially proud of being named the Top 100 Innovator of the Year for our manufacturing plant for uvex safety gloves in Lüneburg. This short but interesting film tells you everything about our glove production.

Bump Caps

Our sporty bump caps offer fashionable head protection including for zones where wearing a helmet is not compulsory.

Industry segments

As the leading manufacturer of safety glasses, safety gloves, breathing and hearing protection we are proud to offer our technologies and innovations for different industries:



Food and Beverage Processing

Fire and Rescue Services

Health Care

Defence Services






Innovative technologies from uvex

At uvex are constantly developing our products based on pioneering technologies to ensure safety of people in their day-to-day work. 

Learn about technologies from uvex

Work directly with our uvex specialist to recommend and implement high performance site PPE solutions.

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