Our environmentally friendly workplace

Protecting people also means taking responsibility for the environment. And we take this responsibility very seriously by voluntarily exceeding statutory requirements for environmental protection.

We take responsibility

Environmental protection starts right at the development phase – and doesn't stop even when the product is ready: Every employee at uvex makes a constant effort each day to handle resources responsibly. The concept of the environment is a core part of our daily life and our operational activities. 

The performance capacity of our company is essential in order to strengthen our competitive edge, but it must never be at the expense of people and the environment. Environmental protection at uvex is therefore a fully integrated matter – for which every single employee is responsible:

  • We qualify our staff and motivate them to act in a committed, competent and environmentally responsive way.
  • We take measures to limit the environmental effects of our operations and to make the working environment a safe place for our staff.
  • We respect the careful use of resources, starting with product development and at all later stages, including production, storage and transport.
An overview of our concrete environmental principles and measures
  • uvex aims to limit the impact on the environment as far as possible through its products, production processes and production sites.
  • uvex considers environmental compatibility early on in the development phase of new processes and products.
  • Raw materials and energy are used sparingly as far as possible and any residue is recycled internally for re-use. The incidence of harmful substances should be reduced as far as possible. This is achieved either by switching to more suitable methods or by optimising existing processes to a more environmentally responsive approach.
  • Our production, processing and disposal processes and products are regularly investigated in terms of their environmental impact.
  • Environmental protection measures at uvex are audited in terms of their implementation and effectiveness.
  • Avoiding emissions takes top priority at uvex. uvex deploys progressive techniques, measurement methods and analyses to clean exhaust air and waste water, to avoid and eliminate refuse, and to reduce noise.
  • An internal measurement service monitors pollution and exposure to noise at workstations.
  • uvex incentivises its staff to suggest operational improvements in the field of environmental protection.
  • uvex suppliers are under an obligation to ensure that their production processes are environmentally friendly and resource-efficient so that our activities have no long-term negative impact on the environment. This is regularly audited.
  • uvex notifies its customers and consumers of the properties of its products and of their safe and environmentally compatible transportation, handling and disposal. uvex products should be safe for the consumer and not pose any environmental threat through their use.
  • In the area of environmental protection, uvex works closely with the authorities and other public bodies based on mutual trust.