uvex lens coatings technology: anti fog and anti scratch safety glasses

Safety eyewear in Australia is often used in harsh working environments, so the lenses are usually coated to increase their efficacy and longevity. This coating is more important than you might think and is a key factor in ensuring the eyewear is worn - and protecting the wearer.

For maximum effectiveness, lens coatings should offer resistance against fogging and scratching. uvex is the world leading brand in lens coating technology, delivering long lasting anti-fog and anti-scratch performance. uvex lens coating delivers the highest level of optical clarity, even after repeated cleaning. 

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Hydrophilic vs. Hydrophobic Lens Coatings Explained

Coatings can be either:

hydrophobic (moisture repelling) detergent-based coatings (which can be washed off) or

hydrophilic (moisture absorbing).

A hydrophobic coating repels moisture which ultimately leads to a build up of perspiration on the lens, which in turn requires cleaning to remove it. Eventually, depending on the quality of the coating, the detergent properties will be washed from the lens, rendering it ineffective.

Hydrophilic coatings can be produced that are permanent and do not wash off.The coating becomes sponge-like, absorbing moisture so that the wearer does not have to take off their glasses or goggles to clear any fog.

Choose between three core coatings

Our exceptional innovative lens coating technologies are divided into three categories depending on the environmental exposure like temperature, humidity and more.

  • uvex supravision THS
  • uvex supravision excellence
  • uvex supravision sapphire
anti scratch safety glasses

Scratch resistant on both sides (uvex supravision sapphire)

Coated lenses are extremely scratch resistant on both sides and offer excellent resistance to chemicals. The coating system, which has been enhanced using nanotechnology, offers significantly increased non-stick properties making it easier to clean. Aqueous and oily dirt can be removed effortlessly.

Lens with anti-scratch coating

Ideal for use in dirty, dusty and highly abrasive environments and environments with light oils and grease

uvex safety glasses with anti-scratch coating on both sides

anti fog safety glasses

Anti-fog on both sides (uvex supravision THS)

Coated lenses have advanced anti-fog performance (at least 30 seconds) on both sides. The anti-fogging properties are permanent, even after repeated cleaning. Dual-coated lenses are best suited to areas with high humidity.

uvex supravision THS - has been specifically engineered to meet the unique conditions of the local environment. It is the only lens on the market that incorporates a hydrophobic coating overlaid onto a permanent hydrophilic coating to ensure prolonged anti-fog performance

1. Moisture condenses on the lens

2. Moisture spreads then absorbs into the coating

3. The lens does not fog

Dual-coated lens for constant movement between areas of different temperature and humidity

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uvex safety glasses with anti-fog coating on both sides


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anti fog and anti scratch safety glasses

Scratch resistant outside / anti-fog inside (uvex supravision excellence)

Coated lenses are anti-fog on the inside, while the outside offers extreme scratch and chemical resistance. The anti-fogging properties are permanent even after repeated cleaning. Non-stick nanotechnology makes the lenses less susceptible to dirt and easy to clean.

uxex supravision excellence – utilises a permanent hydrophilic coating to deliver exceptional anti-fog performance on the inside of the lens while providing excellent scratch resistance on the outside.

Lens with anti-scratch and anti-fog coating

1. Moisture condenses on the inside of the lens

2. Moisture spreads then absorbs into the coating

3. The lens does not fog

Perfect for completing strenuous activities in dusty abrasive environments

uvex safety glasses with anti-fog and scratch resistant lens



Special coating - uvex supravision variomatic

Variomatic lenses (or, as some call them, photochromic or self-tinting lenses) are designed to darken when exposed to specific types of light of certain intensity, particularly UV light. Lenses coated with uvex supravision variomatic are self-colouring filters that offer the best vision with automatic darkening within 10 seconds and brightening after 30 seconds.

With the proven uvex supravision excellence technology (anti-fog on the inside, extremely scratch-resistant on the outside) with immediate effect. Particularly suitable for frequent movement between light and dark work areas.

When you go from inside to outside, these lenses progressively darken within 10 seconds from 70% light transmission to around 32% light transmission. They then progressively lighten up within 30 seconds when you go back inside (versus other lenses that can take up to two minutes).

Safety Glasses with uvex supravision variomatic coating

self-tinting lens - photochromic lenses

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