Guaranteed head protection with a sporty design

Reliable protection that looks good: uvex u-cap sport is an innovative baseball “style” bump cap in accordance with Norm EN 812.

The ergonomically shaped hard shell with integrated shock-absorbing elements ensures safety and optimal comfort. To give your team a uniform appearance, this model is also available as a standard baseball cap for employees working in environments where head protection is not compulsory.

Special features of the uvex u-cap bump caps


  • The specially developed honeycomb structure of the cap with integrated shock-absorbing elements ensures complete protection in accordance with EN 812.


  • The armadillo design of the uvex u-cap sport provides additional flexibility and ergonomically adapts to different head shapes and sizes. The extended cut-out near the ear makes it easier to wear earmuffs.


  • The uvex u-cap sport can be quickly and easily fitted to the head using the adjustable velcro fastening.

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In addition, the premium version of the uvex u-cap offers even more features

  • flexible plastic shell adapts to different head shapes and sizes
  • continuous size adjustment using adjustable band
  • comfortable suspension harness for great functionality and maximum wear comfort

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