Cut Resistant Gloves

Effective hand protection means striking the perfect balance between reliable protection and a comfortable fit – only safety gloves that are worn can fulfill their purpose. uvex is continuously developing innovative fibre and coating technologies such as the patented Bamboo TwinFlex® technology to deliver both wearer requirements. For everyday use, the balance of cut and tear resistance properties is critical.

The required level of cut protection is achieved through a high concentration of glass fibres, however, this could result in the tear resistance being compromised. The techniques used by uvex to combine materials such as glass or steel fibres, are key to achieving this balancing act and delivering wearer comfort and acceptance, as skin should only come into contact with fibres that are non-irritating.

Features such as fit and dexterity change yet again when coatings are applied which are equally important and needed to obtain high levels of durability and ensure cost effectiveness.

uvex athletic D5 XP

High cut protection with additional reinforced thumb joint

With outer material made from HPPE, steel and polyamide/elastane the uvex athletic D5 XP cut protection gloves provides very high level D cut protection and a reinforced thumb joint. Knitted cuffs ensure flexibility and comfort fit while providing excellent mechanical resistance. Micro-NBR foam coating on palm and fingertips ensures good grip while handling oily and greasy objects. Formed on unique uvex ergo hand formers these gloves provide natural dexterity.

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uvex phynomic C5

The perfect combination of tactile feel and cut protection

The uvex phynomic C5 is an exceptionally lightweight, all-round cut protection safety glove (level C) with touch-sensitive feel ideally suited to high precision mechanical activities. The glove boasts excellent abrasion resistance thanks to the breathable, damp-resistant aqua-polymer foam coating. The innovative DSM Dyneema® Diamond fibres with integrated microparticles, helped us create a significantly thinner and more touchsensitive cut protection safety glove.

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uvex C500 sleeve underarm protection

cut forearm protection with wearer comfort and flexibility

uvex C500 provides high level for cut protection with patented Bamboo TwinFlex® technology. With excellent wearer comfort and flexibility they are suited for all round activities. They are free of harmful substances in accordance with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. uvex Climazone technology makes is highly breathable, and it is suitable for contact warmth up to +100 °C.

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uvex unidur 6659

Level 5 cut protection with good grip and breathability

HPPE/fibreglass combination provides reliable cut protection, maximum blade cut resistance (level 5/C), very high abrasion resistance, very high tear resistance. It provides good grip in dry and slightly damp areas and are ideal for applications in construction, mechanical maintenance, assembly, agriculture etc.

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