Cut protection gloves: Never felt better

Since its introduction, uvex Bamboo TwinFlex® technology has been a guarantee for cutting protection at the highest level.

Now we have set the bar even higher by completely reworking and optimising uvex Bamboo TwinFlex® once again.

The result? Gloves that offer the same high level of safety yet are even more comfortable to wear thanks to thinner liners, lighter yarn, more flexible fibres and softer contact surfaces.

Adaptive fit: the uvex Bamboo TwinFlex® protective gloves adapt precisely to each individual hand shape after 3-5 minutes.

uvex bamboo twinflex cut protection

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Now even better: Bamboo TwinFlex® technology

Feel the softness of bamboo against your skin!


higher moisture absorption thanks to bamboo fibres instead of synthetic fibres


more breathable than previous uvex bamboo products in cut level D

2,8 sec

rapid water absorption

Never felt better: the new uvex Bamboo TwinFlex® D xg

Uncompromising performance in cut protection level D

The uvex Bamboo TwinFlex® D xg is 24% thinner and 30% lighter than previous uvex bamboo products in cut level D.

✔   Noticeably softer (natural bamboo fibres)
✔   Noticeably thinner (18 gauge liner)
✔   Noticeably safer (cut protection level D in accordance with EN 388:2016: 4 X 4 1 D)
✔   Touchscreen capability
  Innovative, porous and flexible Xtra-Grip foam coating (nitrile)
  For dry and wet/oily areas
  High sensitivity
  Effective grip
  Flexible coating

1. Comfort

Particularly soft against the skin thanks to bamboo fibres:

  • Fast absorption and high retention of moisture
  • Silky soft feel against the skin
  • Particularly light, thin and flexible
  • Adaptive fit: uvex Bamboo TwinFlex safety gloves adapt to fit the shape of any hand after 3–5 minutes
Arbeitshandschuhe nach EN 388

2. Health

  • Skin compatibility dermatologically approved (proDERM®)
  • Free from allergenic accelerators
  • Free from solvents
  • uvex harmful substances standard: exceeds REACH regulations through continuous analysis of approx. 200 critical substances
Schutzhandschuhe mit OEKO-TEX Standard 100
Schutzhandschuhe EN 388

3. Protection

  • High cut protection (cut level D)
  • No need to remove the glove thanks to touchscreen capability
nachhaltige Schutzhandschuhe im Cut Level D

4. Cost efficiency

  • Long service life thanks to uvex protexxion zone
  • premium Xtra-Grip coating

uvex protexxion zone

  • More durable for higher cost effectiveness
  • Advantage: The smooth, non-stick surface of the material ensures that work processes run smoothly
200% abrasion resistance
Schnittschutzhandschuhe mit Touchscreen-Eignung

5. Sustainability

safety gloves sustainable materials

Environmentally friendly materials

safety gloves with bamboo viscose

By using bamboo viscose uvex is utilising a renewable raw material and recycled polyamide. Together, these sustainable materials account for 45 percent of the material used. The gloves also offer greater protection to the health of the wearer than stipulated by REACH regulations as they comply with the uvex list of banned substances and the skin compatibility has been dermatologically approved by the proDERM institute.

safety gloves with environmentally friendly packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging

sustainable packaging for safety gloves

The glove packaging has been minimised significantly. Paper wrap is used instead of rubber bands to secure bundles. Polyester bags have not been used by uvex in it’s glove packaging for over 11 years.

sustainable produced safety gloves

Environmentally friendly production

sustainable produced safety gloves

uvex safety gloves are certified according to both Environmental Management ISO 14001 and Energy Management ISO 50001 and has CO2-neutral production rating. The new block-type thermal power station (BTTP) will further reduce the energy consumption of the Lüneburg plant thanks to the high energy efficiency of > 90% of the new technology. The BTTP already meets the official emission regulations that will become legally mandatory from 01.01.2024 and is therefore one of the first in Germany to meet this standard.

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