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Different patterns, different purposes

By contrasting the SuperFabric® guard plate designs in their range of gloves, arm and body protection, HexArmor can provide different safety properties aligned to specific tasks and risks.

One of the most common types of hand injuries are cuts and lacerations. A glove with excellent cut protection often lacks adequate puncture protection, which is the number one cause of cuts. Sharp hazards such as wood slivers, blade points and metal wires can still vertically penetrate the glove, with serious cut injuries often being the result.

Common cut resistant materials such as synthetic woven materials provide some protection from straight-edged or horizontal sharp hazards, but they can be easily pierced because of the knit properties of the material. SuperFabric® guard plates are engineered to deflect and block hazards by limiting the space between them which in turn prevents cut and puncture hazards from reaching the users hand. The breathable fabric allows air to pass through for long-lasting comfort and unlike most common cut protection material, it will not degrade from UV exposure or through laundering.

HA607 is the highest cut SuperFabric® material available. It incorporates a single layer construction with cotton material underneath. Cotton substrate gives wearers the best feeling material on their hand while also being the most flexible and soft, allowing employees the highest level of comfort.

HA603R SuperFabric® brand material offers both high cut and high blunt puncture resistance. Tightly woven polyester provides a strong base for the SuperFabric® guard plates, which gives the material maximum burst strength while also providing high cut resistance.

HA110 SuperFabric® brand materials offer exceptional needlestick protection (when layered) and high cut protection. Needlestick protection is only available when layered due to the geometry and offsetting of the guard plates on the material - also providing cut protection ANSI/ISEA level A7 to A9.

Industrial ultra cut and puncture resistance

5 times more cut resistant than traditional HPPE glass fibre and other knitted technologies.

SuperFabric® guard plates act as a shield from sharp and pointed hazards such as blades, razors, glass and wood. The plates are engineered to deflect and block hazards by limiting the space between them which in turn prevents cut and puncture hazards from reaching the skin. SuperFabric® delivers cut protection above level F in the new European ISO 13997 cut test method.

Industry leading needle resistance

SuperFabric® with needlestick resistance provides PPE with layered guard plates that arrest, trap and block needles and other hazards.

The SuperFabric® guard plates block and deflect needle hazards or trap and arrest them in the small gaps found between guard plates. Multiple layers of SuperFabric® brand material delivers needlestick resistance level 4 and 5 (level 5 being the highest) according to the ASTM F2878 hypodermic needle puncture test.



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