uvex fit + insole advisor app for iOS and Android devices

People often fit different shoe sizes in different brands with the variation sometimes being several sizes. Correct fitting footwear is crucial when it comes to how well work boots protect your feet, we recommend that you use the uvex fit advisor app to determine your personal uvex work boot and insole size.

Customise your fit

Using advanced scientific algorithms, the uvex fit advisor app uses three calibrated images of the foot to recommend a uvex tuneup 2.0 insole specific to your foot type. The uvex fit advisor app also recommends the correct footwear size and width. uvex fit advisor app can be used instore, onsite or at home using either a calibration plate, A4 or A3 piece of paper.

sizing work boots

Download the uvex fit advisor app free from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store:

You can find detailed instructions on using the app in this video: